What happens when an intervention order expires?

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When an intervention order ends

If there is no end date specified on an intervention order, this means that it will continue to protect the affected person on an ongoing basis and only ends if the order is revoked (cancelled) by a magistrate or set aside on appeal.

You must apply for a new order if you still need protection after the expiration date

If you still fear for your safety when a family violence intervention order expires, you must apply for a new order. The court or the police will not tell you that the order is about to end, so you need to be aware of this date yourself.

It is best to apply for a new intervention order three to four weeks before the order finishes so that there is enough time to go through the application process again.

The respondent will be notified if you apply for a new intervention order. Be aware that when an intervention order expires, the respondent is generally free to resume contact with the affected person.

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