What happens when an intervention order expires?

If you still fear for your safety when a family violence intervention order expires, you must apply for a new order.

What Is Family Violence?

Family violence is defined as violent, threatening or other behaviour that coerces or controls another family member or causes them to be fearful.

Custody Matters – Deciding On Equal Time With The Children

In most custody matters each parent desires to spend as much time with their children as possible.

Family Law Property Settlement – What is a binding financial agreement?

Essentially a binding financial agreement is an agreement in the form of a document which settles the share of property each party is to receive in the event that they separate or divorce.

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Engaging a family lawyer is a significant commitment of trust and confidence, as well as a substantial financial investment.


We have provided a blog with answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Family Law. 

Please note, however, that there is no substitute for proper legal advice tailored to your individual needs.


Testart Family Lawyers aims to provide its clients with the most efficient, cost-effective and painless resolution to their family law problems. Testart Family Lawyers strives to get the best deal for its clients.


At Testart Family Lawyers we know how difficult a relationship breakdown can be. Our aim is to ease the burden by providing honest, realistic advice at a reasonable cost, starting with your free initial consultation where we give you an assessment of your legal position and a clear strategy to move forward.

We pride ourselves on being experts in all areas of family law. We have substantial court room experience at both trial and appellate level and are able to represent you in every aspect of your family law matter, often without you needing to appear in court.

Our areas of practice include:
• Property and Financial Settlements (including child support and spousal maintenance)
• Children and Custody
• De Facto and Same Sex Couples
• Binding Financial Agreements (also known as ‘Pre-nuptial Agreements’)
• Family Violence and Intervention Orders
• Wills and Estates
• Divorce & Separation

Our firm is based in Malvern, where we also serve the surrounding suburbs of Kew, Hawthorn, Balwyn and Camberwell, and greater metropolitan Melbourne.

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