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Our Melbourne lawyers are empathetic and provide comprehensive legal guidance for moving through family violence matters while prioritising your safety and wellbeing.

Our Melbourne family violence lawyers will help guide you towards a safer future

Navigating family violence requires sensitivity and expertise. At Testart, we understand the complexity and emotional toll involved in disputes concerning family violence and intervention orders. Our compassionate team is here to provide the support and legal counsel you need during this challenging time.

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We understand the impacts of domestic and family violence

Family violence has a devastating effect on everyone involved and requires a delicate approach, especially when there are children involved or co-parenting matters. We always prioritise your wellbeing and strive to provide clarity amidst the confusion. Our dedicated team ensures you understand your legal rights and options, guiding you towards a resolution that places the safety and stability of your family above all else.

With our experienced team, you can rest assured that your case will be handled with care and precision. From explaining the intricacies of family violence law to creating personalised legal strategies tailored to your unique circumstances, we are committed to achieving the best possible outcome for you and your family.

Navigating your options with your informed consent

Navigating options with your informed consent is paramount in resolving family violence matters. At Testart Family Lawyers, we prioritise your understanding and involvement in decision-making processes. With clear communication and comprehensive explanations, we ensure you can make informed choices that align with your goals and values.

We will ensure you have the information required to understand how relevant law applies to you, work out the best course of action and help you navigate the system to achieve a fair outcome.

After decades of working in this area of the law, we know how difficult and traumatic dealing with family violence orders can be. But we also know that getting good advice and legal support can make the entire process easier and less stressful for all involved. Ultimately, we aim to use our experience and expertise to help you navigate a difficult time and protect your best interests.


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We work with families across all family law matters and specialise in compassionate support for family violence issues, high-conflict co-parenting disputes, and family violence orders. We focus on providing compassionate support and strategic legal representation to help you navigate these challenging situations safely and effectively.

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Assistance with Family Violence Intervention Orders (FVIO)

Disputes about family violence orders (also known as ‘intervention orders‘, ‘apprehended violence orders’, ‘IVOs’ or ‘AVOs’) can be overwhelming, traumatic, and confusing for everybody involved. They can also be incredibly complex and confusing when it comes to the interaction between proceedings in the state court jurisdiction (under the Family Violence Protection Act (Vic) 2008) and the family court jurisdiction (under the Family Law Act (Cth) 1975).

We aim to be, above all else, sensitive to our client’s concerns. We are there to help them understand all areas of law about family violence and to be understanding of all of their needs. We aim to ensure that our clients can move forward in their new lives safely and securely after witnessing or experiencing family violence.

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Access the support you need to reach an outcome with clarity and create stability for your family’s future. Our experienced team will guide you through every step of the process, ensuring your rights are protected.

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What our clients have to say

claire simm
claire simm
3 November 2023
I can highly recommend this firm, in particular Abbey who I met with. She was extremely knowledgeable & experienced & very helpful to talk to. She gave me so much of her time (as the initial consultation is free of charge) & was able to answer all my questions. She displayed great kindness & sensitivity & has a lovely warm nature but also made me feel confident in what she was saying. Thank you so much Abbey, I’m so grateful for your help 🙏😊
Travis McNamara
Travis McNamara
4 September 2023
Marc & Julia were kind, considerate and compassionate in discussing my legal needs, and helping me to navigate what has been a stressful time. I wouldn’t have any hesitation in recommending the firm to friends, family or anyone that is seeking support from an organisation that truly operates with heart. That is a rare quality, and I certainly appreciated it.
Daniela Resel
Daniela Resel
17 April 2023
Testart is exactly the legal team for you if you are a person who values high end Family Lawyers who will uniquely design your legal case for the best outcome. Testart will not absorb your finances and in fact the finance team will keep you on target . The most outstanding service you will ever come across. The team is knowledgeable and will never make a commitment they will not deliver. I appreciated and noted despite how crippling my situation was, Testart supported me beyond just representing me as client. If you are a woman, and lost in the process of seeking family law advice, please give them a call. They will listen with compassion and provide several solutions for your situation. I honestly was surprised how important my case was viewed and I never felt alone nor unprotected. Testart removed the unnecessary stress for my safety and security as they are well equipped in all elements of Family Law and placed high importance for the protection /safety/ wellbeing of my children and immediate family members.
Appu Ryan
Appu Ryan
31 January 2023
Thank you Marc, Abbey Stephanie for being there solving my concerns. Abbey I do not have words for the immense support you gave me from the start to the Finish all the way through. A highly professional team with Integrity. Once again I Thank all of you and Wish you all the very best with all the blessings for an excellent leading career. Remember In Prayers.
Tanya Veto
Tanya Veto
25 July 2022
After two long years of frustration with another lawyer, I finally made my way to Marc, Abbey and Steph. They were able to get things moving and within three months my case was settled. I cannot thank them enough for their care and kindness along with their expert knowledge. I highly recommend Testart Family Lawyers.
pinkle patel
pinkle patel
6 April 2022
Marc was great in assisting with the family dispute matters. He is an exceptional lawyer with a great calibre. He was very attentive and supportive during the difficult time of my complex matter. I deeply thank Testart Family for helping to reach a solution after a long battle of years. Highly recommend Marc for his compassion and professionalism towards the family law dispute.
Sarah Blee
Sarah Blee
13 February 2022
I recently engaged Testart Family Lawyers to assist with the preparation of a Binding Financial Agreement and could not have been happier with the advice and service I received. Marc is approachable, compassionate, knowledgable and an expert in his field. I highly recommend Testart Family Lawyers to anyone needing a family lawyer.
kangaroo logs
kangaroo logs
1 February 2022
Marc Tesart is very cooperative and understanding. Client satisfaction is their priority.
Christine D
Christine D
20 September 2021
It has been a great pleasure to choose Testart Family Lawyers to represent me for my legal matter. Marc and his team have been very professional, knowledgeable and efficient throughout my legal proceeding. I cannot express how thankful i am to Marc and his team in helping with my matter. I highly recommend Testart Family Lawyers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you help with family violence and the intervention order process?

Navigating the complexities of family violence and securing a family violence intervention order can be overwhelming. At our family law firm, we understand the gravity of these situations and are committed to providing comprehensive legal support.

By choosing to work with family violence lawyers Melbourne families can get additional support, guidance and representation throughout the entire process, from attending court hearings at the magistrates court to ensuring your personal safety. We help you understand your rights as an affected family member and work to address family violence charges effectively.

How will hiring family/domestic violence lawyers help me resolve my matter?

Hiring expert family/domestic violence lawyers is essential in addressing family violence offences and securing justice for affected family members. With a comprehensive understanding of criminal law and domestic violence orders, our legal team advocates for your rights and safety.

From attending court hearings to negotiating plea bargains or community corrections orders, we strive to achieve the best possible outcome for your case. Our commitment to your wellbeing extends beyond the courtroom, ensuring you receive the support and resources needed to move forward.

What should I do if I’ve been a victim of family violence?

If you’ve been a victim of family violence, it’s crucial to seek immediate assistance and ensure your personal safety. Contacting law enforcement and seeking advice from expert lawyers can help you understand your legal options and protect your rights as an affected family member.

Our family law firm specialises in addressing family violence cases, providing compassionate support and legal representation to victims. We recognise the serious consequences of committing family violence and work tirelessly to hold perpetrators accountable for their actions.

What is an intervention order?

A family violence intervention order, also known as a domestic violence order, is a legal document issued by the magistrates court to protect individuals from domestic or family violence. It prohibits the respondent from committing family violence or approaching the affected family member.

Breaching an intervention order is a criminal offence that can result in serious consequences, including a criminal record or prison sentence. Our expert lawyers guide you in complying with intervention orders and navigating the legal process effectively.

Do I need a family violence lawyer to apply for an intervention order?

An interim consent order is a temporary agreement reached between parties during divorce or separation proceedings. It provides interim arrangements for parenting or financial matters until a final resolution. Interim consent orders are typically used when parties require urgent or immediate relief, such as temporary living arrangements for children or interim financial support.

While interim consent orders are not final, they are legally binding and enforceable until replaced by final consent orders or a court judgment. Seeking legal advice from a lawyer experienced in interim consent orders is essential to ensure that your rights and interests are protected during this temporary period.

How does an Interim Consent Order work?

An interim agreement, known as an Interim Consent Order, is a temporary arrangement made between parties amidst divorce or separation proceedings. It offers provisional solutions for parenting or financial concerns until a final resolution is reached. 

These agreements are crucial for situations requiring urgent relief, such as temporary living arrangements for children or interim financial support. While not permanent, interim Consent Orders hold legal weight and are enforceable until replaced by final consent orders or a court judgement. Seeking guidance from an experienced family lawyer proficient in interim Consent Orders is essential to protect your rights and interests during this transitional phase.

What is the Family Violence Protection Act?

The Family Violence Protection Act is legislation enacted to address and prevent family violence in Australia. It recognises the rights of affected family members and provides legal mechanisms, such as intervention orders, to protect their safety.

Under the Family Violence Protection Act, the magistrates court has jurisdiction over family violence cases and can issue orders to prevent further harm. Our expert lawyers have a comprehensive understanding of this legislation and work to ensure that your rights are upheld throughout the legal process.

Which court deals with domestic violence in Australia?

Domestic violence cases are typically heard in the magistrates court, where intervention orders are issued to protect victims. Our family law firm specialises in representing clients in the magistrates court, advocating for their rights as affected family members.

From attending court hearings to negotiating plea bargains or personal safety orders, our lawyers are committed to achieving the best possible outcome for your case. We recognise the serious consequences of domestic violence and work tirelessly to hold perpetrators accountable for their actions.

How much does domestic and family violence cost in Australia?

The cost of domestic violence in Australia is significant, encompassing both tangible and intangible expenses. We are aware that family violence affects people of all genders, but as a starting point, The Department of Social Services report, titled the ‘Economic cost of violence against women and their children‘ noted that:

“Without appropriate action to address violence against women and their children, an estimated three-quarters of a million Australian women will experience and report violence in the period of 2021-22, costing the Australian economy an estimated $15.6 billion.”

Beyond financial burdens, such as healthcare costs and legal fees, domestic violence takes a profound toll on individuals, families, and communities. From physical violence, sexual abuse, emotional abuse and psychological abuse, the impact of domestic violence is far-reaching and multifaceted.

Our Melbourne family violence lawyers are dedicated to addressing family violence cases and providing support to victims, ensuring that their rights are protected and their voices are heard.