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Our team specialises in securing agreements that prioritise your family’s best interests, handling your child custody matters with expert guidance and advocacy.

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Deciding on parenting arrangements and child custody matters during a relationship breakdown requires expert guidance. Our dedicated family lawyers provide clarity on your rights and responsibilities, empowering you to make informed decisions that are focused on the best interests of your family.

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Child & Parenting Arrangements

Creating Child Custody Arrangements That Work For Your Family

It can be hard to make decisions about where your children will live after a relationship breaks down, and the legal aspects of child custody matters require guidance and planning.

Our family lawyers will ensure you understand your rights and obligations so that you can make informed decisions that reflect practical considerations, and most of all, the best interests of your children. Our expertise in this area provides valuable insights, allowing you to create parenting plans that meet your family’s needs.

Peace of Mind For Child Custody Matters

In times of conflict, children can often feel the stress and tension between their parents. At Testart Family Lawyers, our aim is that you have the best possible relationship with your children moving forward. We understand that this is your family – your life – and are sensitive to your needs and the best interests of your children.

We will work with you to ensure that your parenting arrangements are finalised fairly and efficiently, utilising out-of-court resolution whenever possible.

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From parenting arrangements to guardianship, your children’s best interests are our priority, and our expertise ensures effective solutions that are tailored to your family’s needs.

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Support & Expertise Throughout Your Child Custody Matters

Our family law professionals support you with the compassion and care you deserve when arranging parenting matters or resolving co-parenting disputes. With our guidance, your matters can be finalised effectively and efficiently.

You can rely on us to lead you through this journey with excellence and transparency – every step of the way. Rest assured, we’re committed to helping you make informed decisions to
achieve resolutions that prioritise the well-being of you and your children.

Working With Testart Family Lawyers

At Testart Family Lawyers, we blend expertise with empathy to navigate parenting arrangements and child custody matters. We will prioritise your needs while striving for a favourable outcome on your behalf, ensuring that your children’s wellbeing is paramount.

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Child Custody Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a child custody lawyer in Melbourne?

If you are in a dispute with a former partner about custody of your children, it’s always best to seek expert advice from a specialist child custody lawyer in Melbourne. Testart Family Law can help guide you through the entire dispute resolution process to reach an agreement outside of court if possible – and make an application to the court if not.

We will make sure the best interests of your child are always prioritised.

Do I need to go to court to arrange child custody?

No, you do not need to go to court to arrange a child custody agreement. With the help of a specialist child custody lawyer in Melbourne you can either draw up an informal agreement or a ‘Consent Order’ to be lodged at court.

If you are unable to reach an agreement after attending a dispute resolution process you can make an application to the court for parenting orders.

What is a parenting order?

A parenting order is a demand made by the court that parties involved are legally required to follow. These orders can decide allocation of parental responsibility, custody of children, and all other aspects of the care of the child or children concerned.

Most child custody disputes are solved without the need for a parenting order.