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‘Marc Testart of Testart Family Lawyers is an exceptional family lawyer of the highest calibre and I actively recommend him to my clients and friends for all family law matters ranging from wills and estate planning through to property and financial settlement matters arising out of the breakdown of a relationship.

Most recently I had the good fortune of witnessing how Marc’s “start with the end-game in mind” approach led to my close friend being awarded a property law settlement which was nearly double what she would have been happy with whilst at the same time avoiding the necessity of having to go through an expensive and emotionally taxing trial. This outcome was significant to my friend because she can now move onto the next chapter of her life with a nest egg behind her and also, as a victim of domestic violence, she shared with me that the experience was validating to her on a deep psychological level. As the matter involved a close friend I was much more involved than I would have been in an ordinary case and I witnessed Marc to be a technically brilliant lawyer with the unique ability to be both rigorously adversarial toward his opponent (as required) and compassionate and sensitive to the complex needs of his client in order to get the best possible result.

I recommend Marc Testart of Testart Family Lawyers to anyone requiring advice or representation in a family law matter of any kind without reservation.

Kind Regards,
Elizabeth Chase
Chase Legal

Elizabeth Chase

Property Lawyer, Chase Legal

Dear Marc, thank you so much for your professional advice and help through these difficult times for me.

Marc… I am so grateful and blessed to have you in my corner. Thank you

Marc Testart completely lived up to Testart Family Lawyers’ promise of ‘Experience. Excellence. Compassion.’ He was professional, communicative, and supportive during a difficult time. I highly recommend Testart Family Lawyers to anyone needing quality, outstanding legal representation.


Testart Family Lawyers are an exceptional law firm. Marc has epitomised every desirable quality one could ask for in a Family Law Barrister. He has a remarkable capacity to deliver an extremely professional and knowledgeable service while remaining sensitive to the emotional strain family law matters can create. Marc is a deeply wise and considered thinker and strategically always ahead of the curve. I could not recommend this service more highly to those initiating or responding to family law proceedings.

Timothy McMahon

Marc Testart from Testart Family Lawyers is a true gentlemen who takes the time to put you at ease and clearly explain your rights and options in the middle of an incredibly stressful and difficult time. His advice made me feel empowered and confident to make the right decision for myself and my daughters, I would recommend him to anyone needing the advice and support in managing their divorce.

Sonia Tsoukas

It was a good experience being represented by Testart Family Law Firm. I think Marc Testart has a great passion for his profession and has the ability to put you at ease in very stressful situations and he is very thorough. I think I will highly recommend him.

Raman Dhawan

I really appreciate having you in our corner as well as the calming nature in which you deal with these matters.

Dear Marc, I am very happy with your service… The best part I found about your service is your openness and excellent knowledge of the family law. Also, I like the way you conduct yourself in the courtroom.  It is very professional and respectful to your opponents.

From the day I contacted Marc, I was completely blown away by his efficiency, compassion, and knowledge. At the time I was with another law firm, and my case was going downhill fast. I felt helpless.

Marc immediately took control of the situation, and from that day forward our lives took a turn for the better. He worked very hard to insure that me and my daughter were protected. At the most uncertain time in my life, I felt assured I was in the best hands. I felt like I was Marc’s only client.

I cannot put into words how grateful I am for what Marc has done for me, my daughter and my family.

I have just had the best conversation with Marc from Testart Family Lawyers and also grateful to the lady who referred me to his firm. Extremely helpful and professional in managing my expectations. A wealth of knowledge and I can highly recommend him and his company.

Renee Catt (Google+ Review)

All my dealing with TFL have been professional and courteous, they have been incredibly helpful during this difficult time for our family. They demonstrate genuine care at all times and we achieved a positive outcome for all parties involved. Thank you.

Matthew Jefferies (Google+ Review)