Joint Custody – What Is Shared Parenting?

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After parents separate, they need to find a new way of parenting that works for them and their children.

Some divorced/separated couples continue to share parenting, while others choose to continue their roles as parents separately.

This decision often depends on levels of conflict involved, and other factors such as distance, work commitments, financial pressures, and the family’s history.

Sharing custody of children

There are a range of living arrangement options for children after their parents’ separate. One of these options is shared parenting, or shared care, where each parent spends a considerable amount of time caring for their children.

Shared parenting is sometimes considered the best option for children of separated parents, as it demonstrates to the child that both parents want to care for them and be involved in their everyday life. Parenting is often considered ‘shared’ when children spend at least 45% of their time with a parent.

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